OMFGIYA – Sergei’s return and the b0t Stove

28 01 2010

Another installment of B0t Stove. Grab an oven mit, then your dicks. It’s going to get sexy.

-sergei91 has taken over for dmurphy104. Does Cleveland have a gay population? They do now. Sergei’s torso will queerenate them. Too bad the team sucks.

-hugenuge says you’re a cunt

Wiki Armas got a stiff oblique. He must have been watching Carrie.

Lyle Purcell tore his groin muscle. He must have been watching Wiki Armas watching Carrie. Because he’s into dudes. Too bad he doesn’t live in Cleveland.

Hootie Stewart has been in Cleveland before. A guy named Cleveland.

-Montreal has a team batting average of .337. I’m pretty sure a bunch of teams don’t even have a single player with an average that high, but I’m too lazy to look. Also, David Day  sometimes goes to a movie theater and orders one of their big ass sodas. Then he’ll dump the soda out and fill the cup with that disgusting pump butter they have for popcorn. He uses it as lube at home.

-That dude Daneker that tylermathias is always talking about? I hear he jerks off to the View. And it’s Whoopi who he’s looking at.

-moy is tied for the league’s best record, but holds the league record for most ridiculous early career call-ups of prospects that thereby damage any chance the player actually reaches 80% of their projections. Congratulations, moron.

-How does Boise have 21 wins so far this season? Depends on the vulva.

-dherz, spacecoyote, and robusk have three of the five worst records in the world. Luckily they still get their rape on in Harold Reynolds. n00bs aplenty!

-You know what bothers me? Stan Rhodes has a dedication thread that nobody else bumps but me. Fuck you guys. Stan Rhodes is a legend and deserves your respect.

-Hugenuge thinks your mom’s gash is so big, it looks like Paul Bunyan gave her the axewound.

-tracyr says Haiti deserved it. There’s some dude in Harold Reynolds who collects orphans who begs to differ.

How about you play tummysticks with my tradechat? Or a little game of just the TIPS?




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