Open Teams Season 34

6 02 2015

World Shtickless – great owner retention from season to season – just 3 teams open this time:

1. NL North team – 1st pick in the draft – this team has the first pick in the draft for a reason. It’s a rebuild that had much too high payroll last season, but large chunk of those salaries look to be rolling off.

ML Players of note – At the ML level RF Kerr is only 24 y/o and should be a middle of the lineup bat for years to come. RP Skrmetta is a stud who is only 26 y/o..

Minor league players – at AAA RPs Buchholz and Rishy are for sure ML RPs and RF Patterson at AA and SS Williams at HiA are future big leaguers

Summary – this is a rebuild, but you’ve got the 1st pick in the draft this season to start it off right.

2. NL North team – 18th pick in the draft – this team won it’s division last season with 87 wins and had 100 wins just 3 seasons ago

At the ML Level – 2 great SPs to anchor the rotation – 30 y/0 Leiter and 34 y/o Ryan
Hitters at the ML level – 2b Duran – 31 y/o and one of the best hitters in the entire world plus SS Glanville who is 87 rated and only 27 y/o

This team is ready to win now.

3. NL East – 24th pick in draft – this team won it’s division last season and actually has finished in 1st 4 of the last 6 seasons. This franchise had the same owner for 33 seasons so it is very well cared for and maintained.

At the ML level – the SP rotation is stacked – Telemaco, Martin, Amaro and Wilson are locked in as starters and 3 of the 4 are 26 or younger
At ML CF Bennett is only 24 y/o and 1b Jones has a huge bat and is 31 7/o, 3b Valdez is also all-star quality at 31 y/o

Nothing better than taking over a team that already has a great SP rotation set, if so this team is for you!