Open Teams Season 34

6 02 2015

World Shtickless – great owner retention from season to season – just 3 teams open this time:

1. NL North team – 1st pick in the draft – this team has the first pick in the draft for a reason. It’s a rebuild that had much too high payroll last season, but large chunk of those salaries look to be rolling off.

ML Players of note – At the ML level RF Kerr is only 24 y/o and should be a middle of the lineup bat for years to come. RP Skrmetta is a stud who is only 26 y/o..

Minor league players – at AAA RPs Buchholz and Rishy are for sure ML RPs and RF Patterson at AA and SS Williams at HiA are future big leaguers

Summary – this is a rebuild, but you’ve got the 1st pick in the draft this season to start it off right.

2. NL North team – 18th pick in the draft – this team won it’s division last season with 87 wins and had 100 wins just 3 seasons ago

At the ML Level – 2 great SPs to anchor the rotation – 30 y/0 Leiter and 34 y/o Ryan
Hitters at the ML level – 2b Duran – 31 y/o and one of the best hitters in the entire world plus SS Glanville who is 87 rated and only 27 y/o

This team is ready to win now.

3. NL East – 24th pick in draft – this team won it’s division last season and actually has finished in 1st 4 of the last 6 seasons. This franchise had the same owner for 33 seasons so it is very well cared for and maintained.

At the ML level – the SP rotation is stacked – Telemaco, Martin, Amaro and Wilson are locked in as starters and 3 of the 4 are 26 or younger
At ML CF Bennett is only 24 y/o and 1b Jones has a huge bat and is 31 7/o, 3b Valdez is also all-star quality at 31 y/o

Nothing better than taking over a team that already has a great SP rotation set, if so this team is for you!

Season 33 Hall of Fame voting results

13 01 2015

Since these don’t save for posterity’s sake I’m posting them here for later reference:

Season 33 Hall of Fame Voting Results

Player Franchise Position/Rating Votes

Gill McMillan DOV 3B 90 22
Quentin Rivera MTY P 76 19
Francisco Blanco DOV RF 84 15
Ivan Torcato SAL P 85 13
Jason Lackey ATL P 79 11
Donn Warden ATL P 82 9
Wilfredo Gonzales SAL LF 89 8
Eric Marquis MTY LF 81 6
Pat Watson DUR LF 87 4
Slim Betemit SF RF 90 4
Alex Villano LA P 73 2
Terrence Mercedes ATL P 82 2
Gus Davenport SLC DH 79 1
B.C. Stein WIC LF 76 1
Jerome Wakefield COL 1B 81 1
Erick White BOS P 74 1
Paul Fitzgerald SD P 81 1
Bernie Gandarilla PHI P 80 1
Pep Lee FAR P 81 1
Henry Cogan SEA P 79 1
Alex Lee TEX C 77 1
Jeff Witt BOS 3B 82 1

Shtickless Division Winning History (as of season 32)

10 01 2015

Time for a historical overview – how many times has your franchise won your division in the first 32 seasons of Shtickless? When was the last time you finished 1st? Following is a list of both, acknowledging that many teams have had numerous cities and owners. The name listed below is the franchise’s current city:

National League – total first place finishes (last season to finish first in parentheses)

St Louis 3 (32)
Buffalo 19 (27)
Philly 4 (7)
Chicago 6 (30)

Scranton 5 (31)
Dover 10 (32)
Norfolk 7 (16)
New York 10 (30)

St Louis 10 (31)
Houston 2 (32)
Texas 10 (30)
Atlanta 10 (25)

LA 14 (32)
San Fran 3 (21)
Seattle 7 (10)
San Diego 8 (25)

American League

Fargo 4 (30)
Milwaukee 7 (28)
Iowa City 4 (32)
Montreal 17 (31)

Louisville 12 (32)
Pitt 14 (31)
Pawtucket 5 (24)
Boston 1 (4)

Little Rock 4 (32)
Charlotte 13 (29)
Durham 6 (26)
Monterrey 9 (27)

Salem 17 (32)
Wichita 5 (14)
Honolulu 8 (24)
Colorado 2 (26)

Most division wins:
Buffalo 19
Montreal 17
Salem 17
LA 14
Pitt 14

Fewest division wins:
Boston 1
Houston 2
Colorado 2
San Fran 3
Salt Lake 3

Longest drought since division win:
Boston – season 4
Phil – season 7
Seattle – season 10
Wichita – season 14
Norfolk – season 16

Random things I noticed:
NL South is the only division with 3 teams with 10+ first place finishes
AL North has had all 4 teams win the division since season 28
AL South has had all 4 teams win since season 26
NL South has had all 4 teams win since season 25

Playoff Preview and Predictions Season 31

10 07 2014

Playoff Preview and Predictions from topoftheworld (any weird formatting is due to some copy and pasting issues)

I compared the rosters and likely lineups of each playoff team and then compared them to each other within their league. AL was not compared to NL. Using a SS I have used in the following results. To show what they know, My SS doesn’t like Montreal at all and there are up 2-0. Anyway, AL first:

Little Rock 106% 105% 211%
Monterrey 105% 102% 207%
Pittsburg 102% 102% 203%
Salem 100% 103% 203%
Fargo 88% 101% 189%
Montreal 100% 87% 187%

As you can see Little Rock is the favorite and is well above average in talent on both their ability to score runs and prevent them. In fact, first in both categories. Throw in their first round bye and my money is on them. Tommy was a little down on his team and the SS bares that out as he is only fractionally in the top half of AL playoff teams. I cannot see anyone farther down the list than Salem making the WS.

My prediction: Pits over Mon (I would have gone MTY if he wasn’t down 2-0, but either way I’d have Pit), Little Rock over Salem, Little Rock over Pits

Now the NL:
Boise 113% 98% 211%
St. Louis 104% 103% 206%
Houston 104% 99% 204%
San Francisco 98% 105% 203%
Scranton 100% 96% 196%
Los Angeles 81% 99% 180%

I wanted to do this to see if I had a shot and I was very pleased with the results. Though Boise gives a few more runs than average their offense is so much better than their competition it really ought to be enough despite the injury to Santos (36 HR’s and 111 RBI’s). That said St. Louis, Houston, and San Francisco should be counted as contenders. SF’s pitching has the chance to get hot that could be it. Scranton did about as well as I thought, but I had to check twice to see if I had screwed up somewhere with LA. Defense is hard to quantify everywhere and my SS is no different. They led the NL in every conceivable defensive category and they made the WS last season, so one must group them in with St. Louis, Houston, and SF.

My prediction: Boise over St. Louis, SF over LA, Boise over SF

WS: Little Rock over Boise in 6.

Season 31 Hall of Fame Voting Results

13 06 2014

Season 31 Hall of Fame Voting Results (formatting isn’t ideal but this at least let’s us save the voting results for posterity – Kohlmeier, Calles and Ponson got in):

Player Frn Pos Votes

Cleatus Kohlmeier MTY P 20
Harry Calles MON C 19
Mike Ponson BUF LF 18
Quentin Rivera MTY P 14
Ivan Torcato SAL P 13
Francisco Blanco DOV RF 10
Miguel Matos MTY RF 7
Eric Marquis MTY LF 6
Morrie Keller SAL P 5
Donn Warden ATL P 3
Sammy Bennett BUF P 3
Slim Betemit SF RF 2
Harold Cannon PAW RF 2
Gus Davenport BOI DH 2
Wilfredo Gonzales SAL LF 1
Alex Villano LA P 1
Brad Leach NOR P 1
Tony Hernandez DUR LF 1
Jeff Witt BOS 3B 1
Henry Cogan SEA P 1
Pep Lee FAR P 1

Season 31 Hall of Fame Voter’s Guide

3 05 2014

This Hall of Fame voter’s guide is meant to help sort and compare the most worthy Hall of Fame candidates and then to offer recommendations, acknowledging that everyone prioritizes different factors and none of the advanced metrics nor fielding stats are listed here, feel free to disagree, this is meant to help sort and compare players more easily as well as inform newer owners.

Top Tier Hitting Candidates:

C Harry Calles – 2201 hits, 573 HR, 10 time AS, 1 MVP
RF Miguel Matos – 2706 Hits, 565 HR, 9 AS
LF Mike Ponson – 3064 Hits, 564 HR, 6 AS
RF Harold Cannon – 2755 HR, 388HR, 596SB, 6 AS
RF Francisco Blanco – 2318 hits, 617 HR, 333 SB, 5AS

Second Tier Hitters (basically guys with lots of homers but not as many hits/awards as the top tier):

DH Gus Davenport – 2098 hits, 558 HR, 4 AS, 2MVP
LF Eric Marquis – 2386 hits, 648 HR, 4AS
1b Kelly Payne – 2304 hits, 591 HR, 5AS
Stewart, Wakefield and Witt also have over 500 homers.

Hitting Summary – Calles is really special when seen as a C, Ponson has 3000 hits and 500 HRs, Matos/Cannon/Blanco are all strong but in my opinion don’t quite compare to Calles and Ponson

Top Tier Starting Pitchers:

Cleatus Kohlmeier – 252 wins, 2881, Ks, 3.52 ERA, 10AS, 2 CY
Pep Lee – 234 wins, 2616 Ks, 3.53 ERA, 8AS, 1 CY
Dave Newhan – 216 wins, 2218 Ks, 3.55 ERA, 8AS
Quentin Rivera – 402 wins, 1843 Ks, 3.57 ERA, 8AS, 5 CY
Ivan Torcato – 252 wins, 2350 Ks, 3.55 ERA, 12 AS, 1 CY
Donn Warden – 243 wins, 2775 Ks, 3.19 ERA, 8AS, 2 CY
Gandarilla, Pascual, and Sierra all fall short in one or more areas as compared to the above

Top Tier Closers:

Sammy Bennett – 519 saves, 2.94 ERA, 8AS
Morrie Keller – 460 saves, 2.82 ERA, 7AS, 1 CY
Brad Leach – 553 saves, 3.01 ERA, 6AS, 1CY
Alex Villano – 529 saves, 2.90 ERA, 8AS
Cogan has a lot of saves but not near the awards of the above guys

Pitching Summary – Kohlmeier has the best combination of stats and awards, he’s very similar to Torcato but has 500 more Ks. Rivera is indeed glitchy in getting over 400 wins as a tandem type pitcher, but this is what-if sports, and the wins are complimented by 8 AS and 5CY. To me the 4 top relievers are all just too similar to really recommend one over the others – Keller is strong but is 4th out of the 4 in save total which holds him back to me even with a slightly better ERA than the others.

My official voting recommendations:

Hitters – Calles because he was special for a Catcher in stats and awards, Ponson because his stats/awards combo is the best of the rest to me

Pitchers – Kohlmeier and Torcato stand out and Rivera’s stat/awards combo is really amazing, even if glitchy.

I could see replacing Torcato with the RP of your choosing but I just don’t think any of the RPs will get enough votes to get in.

Bottom Line – I think Kohlmeier and Rivera really have to get in, Calles should get in – would be disappointing if Ponson doesn’t but he hasn’t mustered the votes the past few seasons.




League Owner Longevity Snapshot

25 04 2014

I thought it might be informative to do a snapshot of how long each owner has been with their current team, the current season is #31. I know there are a couple owners here who have actually coached more than one team in this world at different times, but this list is just how long the current owner has been with their current franchise.

As you’ll see below – the NL East has the most longevity while the NL North and AL South are the overall newest. 7 owners have been with the same team all 31 seasons, 6 in the NL, 1 in the AL. Two owners joined in season 2/3 and have been here since.

Team Name – owner name, first season in Shtickless

NL North:
Portland – thewheaties 30-
Chicago – PhilBar 26-
Boise – topoftheworl 28-
Buffalo – LutherMax 31-

NL East:
Norfolk – bret2775 31-
Dover – tylermathias 1-
Scranton – Alcheez 1-
New York – dherz_263 1-

NL South:
St Louis – traxman 19-
Atlanta – genghisxcon 28-
Houston dbird85 30-
Texas vandydave 1-

NL West
San Diego – tisi29 1-
San Francisco – AceCards 1-
Seattle – zorn2largent 31-
Los Angeles – rourke 21-

AL North
Columbus – gregor199 31-
Fargo – taphj 27-
Milwaukee – mrfortune3 18-
Montreal – larry_jew 1- (two different names, same owner)

AL East
Pittsburgh – tommy_cian 21-
Cleveland – tdowdy3 29- (also 1-7)
Boston – dudemac 31-
Pawtucket – schnipper 27-

AL South
Charlotte – ksmack 31-
Durham – dcinto 29-
Monterrey – stonewalter 31-
Little Rock – yanks21 28-

AL West
Vancouver – winepimp 16-
Wichita – Fregoe 2-
Salem – moy23 3-
Colorado – suessquatch 31-


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