Season 38 Hall of Fame Results

8 04 2016

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Season 37 Hall of Fame Voting Results

26 12 2015

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Shtickless Hall of Fame overview to date – 12/24/15

24 12 2015

Often when we try to assess whether HBD players are worthy of the HoF we lack a sense of the overall statistics from the HBD world. So I put this list together of all players who have been voted into the HoF to date as a reference.

Following are the hitting and award stats for hitters in the Shtickless Hall of Fame, the (C) designates Catchers:

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 11.48.50 AM.png

And here are the pitching stats for pitchers in the Hall of Fame:

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 11.49.58 AM.png

Available Teams in Shtickless Season 35 with team write-ups

16 05 2015

3rd pick in the draft – NL North

This team has a few nice ML pieces, but there is a reason they have the 3rd pick in the draft – at the ML level they have two fantastic bats, Glanville – 85 rated 28 year/old SS/3b and Kaye an 80 rated 29 year old LF with 99 power and 98 speed – this guy should go 40/40. They also have SP Alamanza, 30 y/o who should be mid to top of the rotation. Looking to AAA one nice piece is Guillen a 2b. Get this team with a nice ML lineup and a great draft pick!


4th pick in the draft – NL North

This team has an absolute ace SP, 33 y/o Bonifacio who could lead a rotation or be traded for great young prospects. This team also has at least 2-3 other SPs signed who are ready to be in the starting rotation at the ML level. Also features middle of the order bat LF Whitney and 2b Barker.


5th pick in the draft – NL North –

The star of this team at the ML level is 25 y/o RF Kerr, should be a 3rd or 4th in the lineup hitter for the next decade, also featured 2 fantastic young setup/closer types, 27 y/o Skrmetta and 24 y/o Buchholz at the ML level. This team also has future star Wilkins at AAA, a 24 y/o SS. Once again, this team is a rebuild with a great draft pick and a future ML nucleus already taking shape


19th pick in the draft – this team finished 81-81 last season in the AL North

Highlight of this team is SP Quintero who is 31, rated 84, and has L/R splits in the 90s, ace of the rotation is ready to go. Also features sure rotation are SP Glanville, only 28. Best ML hitter looks to be 3b Samuel, middle of the lineup bat. At AA is 2b Campos, a future all-star. This team is ready to compete for the playoffs this season.

20th pick in the draft – finished 83-79 last season in the AL North and had 89 wins the season before last

All kidding aside – this team is loaded at the ML level – 5 players rated in the 80s, 4 more at 79. 4 absolute locks for the SP rotation – Nieves, Parkinson, Gardner, Bixler. So many good bats I’m not going to even list them all – this team should make the playoffs even if it was run by the SIM. A must grab for an owner who wants to win now.


22nd pick – NL West, 88-74 last season

This team has 8 stud hitters at the ML level – Padilla, Park, Boucher, Park, Armas, Alston, Russ, Melendez. The stars are 89 rated 24 y/o CF Padilla, absolute stud and 31 y/o 88 rated 2b Fiorentino. This team can hit all day long. The team has a solid rotation but can’t compare to the hitters. Sign a FA pitcher or two and this team makes the playoffs.

25th pick – 89-73 last season, AL South

This team has 5 players rated in the 80s at the ML level, 1 79 and 4 at 77 – a very strong ML core.
Hitters – 25 y/o CF Tavarez rated 82, 29 y/o slugger Pascual is an 82, and LF Salas is an 81. 27 y/o Romero also features 90+ L/R splits.
Pitchers – the 5 man SP rotation is set, ace Casilla is rated 81, then Ontiveros, Leiter, Bay and Santiago complete the rotation.
This team makes the playoffs this season

Open Teams Season 34

6 02 2015

World Shtickless – great owner retention from season to season – just 3 teams open this time:

1. NL North team – 1st pick in the draft – this team has the first pick in the draft for a reason. It’s a rebuild that had much too high payroll last season, but large chunk of those salaries look to be rolling off.

ML Players of note – At the ML level RF Kerr is only 24 y/o and should be a middle of the lineup bat for years to come. RP Skrmetta is a stud who is only 26 y/o..

Minor league players – at AAA RPs Buchholz and Rishy are for sure ML RPs and RF Patterson at AA and SS Williams at HiA are future big leaguers

Summary – this is a rebuild, but you’ve got the 1st pick in the draft this season to start it off right.

2. NL North team – 18th pick in the draft – this team won it’s division last season with 87 wins and had 100 wins just 3 seasons ago

At the ML Level – 2 great SPs to anchor the rotation – 30 y/0 Leiter and 34 y/o Ryan
Hitters at the ML level – 2b Duran – 31 y/o and one of the best hitters in the entire world plus SS Glanville who is 87 rated and only 27 y/o

This team is ready to win now.

3. NL East – 24th pick in draft – this team won it’s division last season and actually has finished in 1st 4 of the last 6 seasons. This franchise had the same owner for 33 seasons so it is very well cared for and maintained.

At the ML level – the SP rotation is stacked – Telemaco, Martin, Amaro and Wilson are locked in as starters and 3 of the 4 are 26 or younger
At ML CF Bennett is only 24 y/o and 1b Jones has a huge bat and is 31 7/o, 3b Valdez is also all-star quality at 31 y/o

Nothing better than taking over a team that already has a great SP rotation set, if so this team is for you!

Season 33 Hall of Fame voting results

13 01 2015

Since these don’t save for posterity’s sake I’m posting them here for later reference:

Season 33 Hall of Fame Voting Results

Player Franchise Position/Rating Votes

Gill McMillan DOV 3B 90 22
Quentin Rivera MTY P 76 19
Francisco Blanco DOV RF 84 15
Ivan Torcato SAL P 85 13
Jason Lackey ATL P 79 11
Donn Warden ATL P 82 9
Wilfredo Gonzales SAL LF 89 8
Eric Marquis MTY LF 81 6
Pat Watson DUR LF 87 4
Slim Betemit SF RF 90 4
Alex Villano LA P 73 2
Terrence Mercedes ATL P 82 2
Gus Davenport SLC DH 79 1
B.C. Stein WIC LF 76 1
Jerome Wakefield COL 1B 81 1
Erick White BOS P 74 1
Paul Fitzgerald SD P 81 1
Bernie Gandarilla PHI P 80 1
Pep Lee FAR P 81 1
Henry Cogan SEA P 79 1
Alex Lee TEX C 77 1
Jeff Witt BOS 3B 82 1

Shtickless Division Winning History (as of season 32)

10 01 2015

Time for a historical overview – how many times has your franchise won your division in the first 32 seasons of Shtickless? When was the last time you finished 1st? Following is a list of both, acknowledging that many teams have had numerous cities and owners. The name listed below is the franchise’s current city:

National League – total first place finishes (last season to finish first in parentheses)

St Louis 3 (32)
Buffalo 19 (27)
Philly 4 (7)
Chicago 6 (30)

Scranton 5 (31)
Dover 10 (32)
Norfolk 7 (16)
New York 10 (30)

St Louis 10 (31)
Houston 2 (32)
Texas 10 (30)
Atlanta 10 (25)

LA 14 (32)
San Fran 3 (21)
Seattle 7 (10)
San Diego 8 (25)

American League

Fargo 4 (30)
Milwaukee 7 (28)
Iowa City 4 (32)
Montreal 17 (31)

Louisville 12 (32)
Pitt 14 (31)
Pawtucket 5 (24)
Boston 1 (4)

Little Rock 4 (32)
Charlotte 13 (29)
Durham 6 (26)
Monterrey 9 (27)

Salem 17 (32)
Wichita 5 (14)
Honolulu 8 (24)
Colorado 2 (26)

Most division wins:
Buffalo 19
Montreal 17
Salem 17
LA 14
Pitt 14

Fewest division wins:
Boston 1
Houston 2
Colorado 2
San Fran 3
Salt Lake 3

Longest drought since division win:
Boston – season 4
Phil – season 7
Seattle – season 10
Wichita – season 14
Norfolk – season 16

Random things I noticed:
NL South is the only division with 3 teams with 10+ first place finishes
AL North has had all 4 teams win the division since season 28
AL South has had all 4 teams win since season 26
NL South has had all 4 teams win since season 25


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