Wellington Sanchez to San Antonio

31 10 2009

San Antonio spent big on Wellington Sanchez.  The 2B should payoff in the long run.  He has been compared by most international scouts to a slower version of Chase Utley.  Sanchez is a disciplined hitter with decent pop.  He will no doubt be a future all-star.  The only negative is it took 18M to get him to sign and SA only budgeted 20M.  Might make rlahann have to get creative around draft pick time.  Wellington’s father was quoted saying, “we are excited for Welly, he picked San Antonio because they have great chips and salsa”.  The father rushed off from the interview, said somethin’ about cashing the check before they realized Welly couldn’t hit a curve ball.  Overall, most feel 18M is a bargain for Chase, uh, I mean Wellington.


Power Rankings (revamped)

30 10 2009

I tweeked the system and maybe this will appear more accurate.

Power Rankings thru Oct 30, PM cycle

1.  Los Angeles 23-8

2. Montreal 20-10

3. Boise 20-10

4. Scottsdale 20-10

5. Kansas City 21-9

6. San Antonio 20-11

7. New York 20-10

8. Memphis 20-11

9. Fargo 17-13

10.Salem 19-11

Just missed the cut:

Mexico City 18-12

Montgomery 17-14

Pittsburgh 17-13

Player Profile

30 10 2009

Should a DH win rookie of the year?  If  Barry Terrell of Philadelphia continues to hit like this we will have some tough voting this post season.  Terrell is hitting .358 with 12HR and 28RBI in only 30 games.  The 27 year old from Comfort, TX has worked his way up through the minors where he was highly decorated with many accolades and he has taken the Philadelphia Phingers franchise by storm early on.  He isn’t much of a catcher, as of matter of fact, teams run on him at will and the pitchers have to call their own pitches, but the brotha can flat out hit.  Terrell was the 18th pick overall in the season 8 draft.  He played college ball at LSU.


30 10 2009

(OUR VERSION OF THE AP POLL, updated weekly)


1.  Scottsdale

2.  Fargo

3. New York

4.  Montreal

5.  Boise

6.  Los Angeles

7.  Kansas City

8.  San Antonio

9.  Memphis

10. Mexico City