World Series Preview

26 12 2009

And then there were 2!

New York Danzas  (96-66) vs Los Angeles, South Patagonia (105-57)

offense: Edge to NY

pitching: Edge to LA

defense: Edge to LA

bullpen: Edge to NY

Manager Faceoff:


14 seasons

1251 wins

avg season 89-73

45 post season wins

9 playoff appearances

7 division titles

0 World Series titles


13 seasons

1144 wins

avg season 88-74

41 post season wins

9 playoff appearances

7 division titles

0 world series titles

One thing is for sure, someone will win their first title!  We are told from the perverbial HBD crib to build our teams around pitching and defense.  No matter who wins both teams have had great years, but my prediction is NY fans bring back  “beat LA” chants and throw batteries at the LA players while LA fans drink martinis, wear silk shirts and hold stuffed monkeys in hope of a rally.  Despite all the fans, pitching and defense wins and my prediction is spacecoyote wins his first title.


Final Four Preview

22 12 2009

The season has come down to 4 teams.  I have added a manager factor thanks to the tactful veteran gin ceasar.  After all, this is his world til somebody catches up to his title count.


Scottsdale (104-58) vs New York (96-66)

offense-Scottsdale: Aramis Soriano .332, 31hr, 103rbi; Dan Johnson .321,49hr,135rbi

pitching-New York: Lonnie Cepicky and co.


bullpen-New York

manager face off:

post season record: Fregoe 73-72, hugenuge 45-41

World Series Titles: Fregoe 2, hugenuge 0

overall record: Fregoe 4,452-4,782  hugenuge 1,251-1,017

Edge: Fregoe

Prediction:  In a made for TV series the New York Danzas move on keeping hugenuge’a first title hopes alive.


Los Angeles (105-57) vs Boise (93-69)

offense- Boise: Kelly Payne .313, 56hr,139rbi; Morgan Bush .301,34hr,94rbi

pitching-Los Angeles: Marty Velandia 19-5 2.86; Carlos Barrios 15-5, 2.96



Manager faceoff :

post season record: spacecoyote 41-37, urdanick 32-28

world series titles: urdanick 2, spacecoyote 0

overall record: urdanick 1690-1388, spacecoyote 1144-962

Edge: urdanick


LA’s pitching dominates and they move on in a close one


17 12 2009

American League (eliminating the pretenders round)

4. MONTREAL (82-80) vs 5. Kansas City (97-65)


offense- edge to KC

defense- edge to Mon

starting pitching- edge to KC

bullpen- edge to KC

prediction- KC sweeps and gin breaks record for “F” bombs dropped in one hour

3. NY Danzas (96-66) vs 6. Salem (92-70)


offense-edge to NY

defense-edge to Salem

starting pitching-edge to NY

bullpen-edge to NY

prediction-NY moves on easily maybe losing game 3

National League

4. Dover (79-83) vs 5. Sandiego (93-69)


offense-edge Dover

defense- edge SD

starting pitching-edge SD

bullpen-edge SD

prediction-Sandiego sweeps and Dover’s coach starts off the post series press conference in Denny Green fashion , “We are who we thought we were”.

3. Mexico City (96-66) vs 6. Boise (93-69)


offense-edge Boise

defense- EVEN

Starting Pitching-edge Mex City


prediction-Goes the distance and Mexico City moves on in an “instant classic”

Season 1 Draft (where are they now?)

8 12 2009

1. Eugene Weston,RF

Weston was drafted by Tex-vandydave and he currently plays for San Antonio.  He made his ML debut in Season 3.  Career totals: .310avg, 446 HR, 1426 RBI.  Awards: 7 time all-star, 3 time MVP, 3 gold gloves, 5 silver sluggers.  He is currently on the 6o day DL. 

2. Gerald Schneider,2B

Schneider was drafted by Stl-kelby_03.  He now plays with Pittsburgh.  He didn’t sign with Stl and was picked up in Season 2 by Salem.  His Career numbers:  .298 avg, 351 HR, 1273 RBI.  He made his ML debut in Season 3.  Awards:  Rookie of the Year, 4 time all-star, 5 silver sluggers.

3. Stu Hardy,P

Hardy was drafted by SA-plumpy.  He never signed and never played.  He was last seen walking with a goat outside of Wrigley Field.

4. Morris Hayes, SS

Hayes was drafted by Roc-tracyr.  He now plays with Los Angeles.  He made his ML debut in Season 2 making the jump to the bigs from rookie ball.  career numbers: .264 avg, 546 HR, 1547 RBI.  Awards: 5 time All-star, 2 silver sluggers.

5. Joe Cummings, CF

Cummings was drafted by Pit-rourke.  He never signed and never played.  Last seen being removed from the Pittsburgh spring training facilities.  As security manhandled him out the gate he kept yelling, “How much you wanna bet I can throw this baseball over those mountains!”

6. Alex Shiell, SS

Shiell was drafted by Sandiego-tisi29.  He never signed and never played.  Rumored to have quit baseball after being called gay cuz his name was Alex.  He is currently a bartender at “the closet” a club in East Lansing.

7. Patrick Banks,P

Banks was drafted by Bur-mrsibob.  He never signed and never played cuz he was waiting on Cummings and Shiell to sign so he would know how much money to ask for.  His agent was his cousin. 

8. Randall Flier, P

NY1-hugenuge42 took a flier on Flier (couldn’t resist).  He currently plays for Detroit.  His career numbers:  56-64 record, 4.74 ERA, 818 k’s.  He made his ML debut in season 6.  He has won no awards.

9. Doug Bruske,P

Bruske was drafted by IA-talltrekkie.  He is currently a free agent.  career numbers: 7-14 record, 5.67 ERA, 231 K’s.  He made his ML debut in Season 2.  He has won no awards.

10. Hootie Stewart, 1B

Stewart was drafted by Por-silverpaw.  He currently plays for Salem.  His career numbers: .302 avg, 658 HR, 1837 RBI.  He made his ML debut in Season 2.  Awards: 2 time MVP, 6 time All-star, 4 silver sluggers, HR derby champ in season 9. 

What have we learned from Season 1?  Do your draft Homework.

NL Least Race

2 12 2009

There’s really only one division race at the moment that looks like it will come down to the wire, the NL east.  Philadelphia and Scranton are playing hot potato with the division lead and this race is up for grabs.  Philly (58-63) has a 1 game lead on Scranton(57-64).  Scranton has a slightly more favorable remaining schedule with only 5 opponents with over .500 records.  The 2 teams will play each other 3 more times.  Neither team will wow you with their offense.  I give Philly the edge here for no apparent reason as both teams hit .267ish and neither have much pop.  The starting pitching edge goes to Philly as well with their starters combining for 37 wins and a team ERA at 4.31 compared to Scranton’s 36 wins and 4.87 ERA.  The bullpen goes to Scranton as Philly’s closer is prone to blow the save.  Unfortunately, one of these teams will make the post season.  Meanwhile, some really good teams will be getting tee times prematurely.