Playoff Preview and Predictions Season 31

10 07 2014

Playoff Preview and Predictions from topoftheworld (any weird formatting is due to some copy and pasting issues)

I compared the rosters and likely lineups of each playoff team and then compared them to each other within their league. AL was not compared to NL. Using a SS I have used in the following results. To show what they know, My SS doesn’t like Montreal at all and there are up 2-0. Anyway, AL first:

Little Rock 106% 105% 211%
Monterrey 105% 102% 207%
Pittsburg 102% 102% 203%
Salem 100% 103% 203%
Fargo 88% 101% 189%
Montreal 100% 87% 187%

As you can see Little Rock is the favorite and is well above average in talent on both their ability to score runs and prevent them. In fact, first in both categories. Throw in their first round bye and my money is on them. Tommy was a little down on his team and the SS bares that out as he is only fractionally in the top half of AL playoff teams. I cannot see anyone farther down the list than Salem making the WS.

My prediction: Pits over Mon (I would have gone MTY if he wasn’t down 2-0, but either way I’d have Pit), Little Rock over Salem, Little Rock over Pits

Now the NL:
Boise 113% 98% 211%
St. Louis 104% 103% 206%
Houston 104% 99% 204%
San Francisco 98% 105% 203%
Scranton 100% 96% 196%
Los Angeles 81% 99% 180%

I wanted to do this to see if I had a shot and I was very pleased with the results. Though Boise gives a few more runs than average their offense is so much better than their competition it really ought to be enough despite the injury to Santos (36 HR’s and 111 RBI’s). That said St. Louis, Houston, and San Francisco should be counted as contenders. SF’s pitching has the chance to get hot that could be it. Scranton did about as well as I thought, but I had to check twice to see if I had screwed up somewhere with LA. Defense is hard to quantify everywhere and my SS is no different. They led the NL in every conceivable defensive category and they made the WS last season, so one must group them in with St. Louis, Houston, and SF.

My prediction: Boise over St. Louis, SF over LA, Boise over SF

WS: Little Rock over Boise in 6.