Available Teams in Shtickless Season 35 with team write-ups

16 05 2015

3rd pick in the draft – NL North

This team has a few nice ML pieces, but there is a reason they have the 3rd pick in the draft – at the ML level they have two fantastic bats, Glanville – 85 rated 28 year/old SS/3b and Kaye an 80 rated 29 year old LF with 99 power and 98 speed – this guy should go 40/40. They also have SP Alamanza, 30 y/o who should be mid to top of the rotation. Looking to AAA one nice piece is Guillen a 2b. Get this team with a nice ML lineup and a great draft pick!


4th pick in the draft – NL North

This team has an absolute ace SP, 33 y/o Bonifacio who could lead a rotation or be traded for great young prospects. This team also has at least 2-3 other SPs signed who are ready to be in the starting rotation at the ML level. Also features middle of the order bat LF Whitney and 2b Barker.


5th pick in the draft – NL North –

The star of this team at the ML level is 25 y/o RF Kerr, should be a 3rd or 4th in the lineup hitter for the next decade, also featured 2 fantastic young setup/closer types, 27 y/o Skrmetta and 24 y/o Buchholz at the ML level. This team also has future star Wilkins at AAA, a 24 y/o SS. Once again, this team is a rebuild with a great draft pick and a future ML nucleus already taking shape


19th pick in the draft – this team finished 81-81 last season in the AL North

Highlight of this team is SP Quintero who is 31, rated 84, and has L/R splits in the 90s, ace of the rotation is ready to go. Also features sure rotation are SP Glanville, only 28. Best ML hitter looks to be 3b Samuel, middle of the lineup bat. At AA is 2b Campos, a future all-star. This team is ready to compete for the playoffs this season.

20th pick in the draft – finished 83-79 last season in the AL North and had 89 wins the season before last

All kidding aside – this team is loaded at the ML level – 5 players rated in the 80s, 4 more at 79. 4 absolute locks for the SP rotation – Nieves, Parkinson, Gardner, Bixler. So many good bats I’m not going to even list them all – this team should make the playoffs even if it was run by the SIM. A must grab for an owner who wants to win now.


22nd pick – NL West, 88-74 last season

This team has 8 stud hitters at the ML level – Padilla, Park, Boucher, Park, Armas, Alston, Russ, Melendez. The stars are 89 rated 24 y/o CF Padilla, absolute stud and 31 y/o 88 rated 2b Fiorentino. This team can hit all day long. The team has a solid rotation but can’t compare to the hitters. Sign a FA pitcher or two and this team makes the playoffs.

25th pick – 89-73 last season, AL South

This team has 5 players rated in the 80s at the ML level, 1 79 and 4 at 77 – a very strong ML core.
Hitters – 25 y/o CF Tavarez rated 82, 29 y/o slugger Pascual is an 82, and LF Salas is an 81. 27 y/o Romero also features 90+ L/R splits.
Pitchers – the 5 man SP rotation is set, ace Casilla is rated 81, then Ontiveros, Leiter, Bay and Santiago complete the rotation.
This team makes the playoffs this season