Season 31 Available Team Reviews

20 04 2014

Season 31 Available Team Write-ups – also can be found in the Hardball Classified Forums with links to each team:

AL West – 1st pick in the draft is the biggest selling point for this team – it has been in rebuilding mode for a handful of years now, but because of that has accumulated very high draft picks the last couple years such as SS Cervantes and CF Gandarilla.

At the ML level SP Jesus Santiago is ready to either be the staff ace or traded for prospects, SP Ogea and Romo are both in their 20s and should be staff fixtures for years to come as well.

As far as ML hitting goes OF Willie James is only 23 and will be a stud at the plate for years to come.

Solid ML talent, great prospects from the draft plus the first pick in this season’s draft make this AL West franchise a great pick-up.


AL East – 11th pick – this team had a poor season 30 but prior to that won 83, 93, 81, and 86 games the past 4 season – so this team has been well cared for.

At the ML level SPs Smith, Martin, Hodges and Romanski are all clearly rotation-worthy, while RP Falk is a stud. Lawrence Smith has 80+ splits as well as a SP.

At the ML level hitting – Stretch Martin is a very strong OF who is only 27, OF Alex Saenz is strong as well. Sam Jones is a great 2b/CF type who is only 26 as well.

In AAA Morton and Descalso are SP prospects who should call-ups soon and Macias is a strong defense hitter who should get called up also.


AL North – 12th pick – this team was well maintained with the same owner seasons 16-30. It had 92 and 90 wins in seasons 27 and 28.

At the ML level DH Alexander Service is an enormous bat an entire lineup can be built around. Bruce Wallace is a 2b/OF type who should bat middle of the order.

At the ML level there is no current staff ace but about 5 guys who should all compete for rotation spots including Saenz, Grimsley, Butler, Blackmon and Washington.

At AAA Chad Hayes could be called up today and hit 40+ homers while playing several positions. Brent Dixon is a great 1b/DH in AAA. Max Nieves is a 23y/o RP who is ready for the bigs.

At AA Alexei Mieses could bat middle of the order right now and RP Cayonnes projects strong.

In High A SP Manzanillo is already rated 75 at 21 y/o.


NL West 14th pick –

At the ML – William Bukvich is 24 y/o, rated 82 and only getting better – staff ace to build around for years to come. SP Lee is only 26 and SP Byrne is 27. RP Sojo is only 22 and already rated 77. Numerous other young RPs as well who should stay in the bigs for years. This team is ready to pitch now.

At the ML level hitting – Tim Boucher is a 1b/dh who is 80+ in all the 4 major categories, true stud hitter. 27 y/o Eddie Fiorentino is rated 89 and can play a number of positions with a strong bat. Esteban Park is a 22 y/o OF already rated 77.

I’m not even going to look at the minors, I can’t believe how good and strong this team is at the ML level – Id almost trade this team for my team how well it is young and set-up to win.


NL North 19th pick – from seasons 9 through 27 this team had a winning record – very strong history.

At the ML level – SP Damion Cheng has 90+ L/R splits. SP Dicky Bong is 27 y/o and a SP2 type. Malone is worthy of the SP3. This team basically is ready to pitch when you add in SP Urbina. Two strong RPs as well in Soriano and Dawkins. RP Hujimoto (for some reason at High A) is an elite RP, best of the bunch.

At the ML level – Napoleon Jones is a 30 y/o 1b/DH who can hit for power and average to build a lineup around and Josh Jacquez can play 1b/DH spot that Jones doesn’t. Nicholas Johnson is a 3b/OF with 70+ splits and Wesley Blair is a great bat in RF. Willis Brandt is a C who should hit 45+ homers.

Basically this team is ready to pitch and hit – likely will have a big salary but will also win now.




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