Season 28 Hall of Fame Voter’s Guide

1 07 2013

This voter’s guide is just going to use the basic stats/awards on the main screen of the player cards – I understand that a lot more advanced metrics can/should be used, but this is for ease of comparison. The potential nominees will be broken down into three sections, I’m sure there will be disagreements (and some value different metrics more than others, such as defense), that’s why we vote! (I’ve chosen to not list positions here but break-up into hitters and pitchers). From season to season players may move tiers based upon relative competition. Overall comments and predictions at the bottom.

First Tier (These are not absolute-musts this season compared to last but based upon this class of nominees and last year’s vote really seem to deserve to get in):

Mike Ponson – 3064 hits, 547 HR, 323 SB – 6AS (12 votes last year)
Steve Thomas – .307 avg, 2776 hits, 636 HR – 6AS, 2 MVP (12 votes last year)



Second Tier (definitely should be considered and get a respectable number of votes):


Gus Davenport – 558 HR, 4AS, 2MVP
Miguel Matos – 2706 hits, 565 HR – 9AS (5 votes last year)
Chris Offerman – 2773 hits, 524 HR – 7AS
Dan Johnson – 490 HR, 305 SB – 7AS, 1 MVP, 4 GG
Glen Judd – 564 HR – 5AS (catcher) (6 votes last year)
Eric Marquis – 648HR, 4AS


Sammy Bennett – 2.94 ERA, 519 SV – 8AS (9 votes last year)
Mark Chase – 3.26 ERA, 473 SV – 10AS
Pep Lee – 3.53 ERA, 234 wins, 2616 SO, 8AS 1 CY
Sammy Malone – 3.31 ERA, 501 SV – 9AS (5 votes last year)
Dave Newhan – 3.55 ERA, 216 wins, 2218 SO – 8AS
Alex Villano – 2.90 ERA, 529 SV – 8AS
Morrie Keller – 2.82 ERA, 460 SV – 7AS (6 votes last year)

Third Tier (likely will get a couple votes but never enough momentum to get anywhere close):


Harold Cannon – 2755 hits, 388 HR, 596 SB – 6 AS
Steve Dewitt – .304 avg, 530 HR – 3AS, 2MVP
Tony Hernandez – 2607 hits, 604 SB – 7AS, 2 GG
Kelly Payne – 2304 hits, 591 HR – 5AS
Ronnie Stewart – 2232 hits, 589 HR – 2AS
Jeff Witt – 602 HR


Bernie Gandarilla – 3.23 ERA, 226 wins, 2393 Ks, 5 AS 1 CY
Victor Pascual – 3.68ERA, 204 wins, 2794 Ks, 1 AS
Torey Sierra – 3.99 ERA, 227 wins, 2480 Ks, 2 AS


Overall Comments – This group is really again this season dominated by power hitters and relievers, really a continued surprisingly weak crop of starting pitchers. 500 HR alone just doesn’t make a player standout in this group, it will likely take a combination of big homers and 3000 (or close) hits plus a pile of postseason awards to get in amongst this group.

Prediction – Ponson and/or Thomas get a competitive number of votes, all these good relievers (Bennett, Chase, Keller, Malone, Villano) again steal votes from one another keeping any from getting in, a couple SPs (Gandarilla, Lee, Newhan) get a handful of votes apiece. Odds are maybe only one candidate (or none) between Ponson/Thomas make it in this season which lacks any clear first-ballot HOFers in my opinion.




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