Season 27 Diamonds in the Rough

30 04 2013

The Season 27 Diamonds in the Rough for Shtickless featured a number of strong relief pitchers and a few defensive specialists but not much else.

Will Definitely Make the Big Leagues if they get anywhere close to their projected ratings:

RP Douglas Jay – Texas – great control with 80+ splits, 2 strong pitches
RP Rafael Park – St Louis – nice righty split with good P1
RP Charlie Nixon – Texas – very solid all the way across with a high 90s lefty split
RP – Curtis Larkin – Salem – likely a setup B type

Should make the bigs if they reach their projecteds:

SP – Nolan Corino – St Louis – a LR or late rotation SP
RP – Chili Fitzgerald – Salem – setup B

The hitters were very weak but these guys might make the big leagues someday:

Defensive specialist Cs, all definitely have below average bats – Mike Maroth Scottsdale, BJ Landrum New York Bowie Mafia, Micah White Houston, Shelley Ferguson Las Vegas, Laynce Blasingame – Chicago

Only really decent bat – 1b Tike Easterly Pawtucket – could someday DH or play 1b

Interesting fielder/hitters – SS (?) Max Vega of Toledo and Derek Goodwin of San Antonio – both have very nice defensive ratings with the exception of arm strength which might keep them from everyday jobs

2b/CF – Julio Rosado of Detroit and Shane Morton of San Diego both have very nice glove and range but not much else

There’s about 5-10 other guys who improved a bunch on defense but who overall likely won’t reach their projecteds or don’t have the bats to ever make it to the ML

Overall Texas, St Louis and Salem seemed to get the biggest boost from DITR.




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