Season 27 Rule 5 Analysis and Summary

20 03 2013

The season 27 rule 5 draft featured 17 first round picks. Pawtucket made the most picks of any franchise, going 5 rounds. Washington had three of its players taken in the first four picks (someone explain to the new Washington owner how to protect young players!) and had five total players taken. Detroit and Seattle lost four players each.

First round pick analysis (just one person’s opinion, feel free to disagree!)

1. Rochester – Tony Hudek – SP – a mid-rotation SP who is close to his projecteds, can be immediately inserted into the rotation

2. Pawtucket – Santiago Silva – LF/1b – best rule 5 bat available, potential all-star who can slug and hit for average

3. Las Vegas – Jeremy Andrew – RP – great splits, bad control, good durability, with good control he’d be a star

4. San Fran – Stephen Avery – SP – close to his projected with average splits, a bottom of the rotation or long relief candidate

5. Louisville – Ivan Cedeno – RP – will eventually be strong against lefties, average against righties, better long-term potential

6. Florida – Harry Valenzuela –  RP – 35 y/o 8 year ML vet with a 4.8 million salary – expensive for a set-up guy but solid ratings across the board except for velocity

7. Seattle – Jon Ogea – SP – perhaps the best SP potential of any pitcher but several years away from being a top of the rotation guy

9. Philadelphia – Andrea Butler – CF/2b – girly name, great contact, average but solid elsewhere, a nice long-term role player

10. Ottawa – Geraldo Javier – SP – currently not good enough to be in the bigs, potentially a long relief guy or maybe bottom rotation SP in a pitcher’s park

11. Salem – Dick Hooper – SS – best SS in the draft, great fielder which makes up for a bat that is contact and not much else, great stolen base potential

14. Minnesota – Johnny Wallace – C – above average bat against lefthanders, good potential arm with average pitch calling

16. Texas – Chet Kline – 2b/COF – a guy whose defense doesn’t fit a position well, above average bat but excels in nothing

21. Monterrey – Russell Foster – SS – at 26 nice projected defense but likely won’t reach projecteds, mediocre but passable bat

22. St Louis – Tatsuya Funaki – SP – great projected overall but not good enough for the bigs yet, already on waivers

24. San Antonio – Nicholas Raben – COF – nice health and durability, not good enough for the Majors, likely ever

26. San Diego – Matty Giavotella – DH – great power/contact, great against lefties, average righties and average eye, should slug but strikeout a bunch

30. Trenton – TJ Hughes – SP – likely a long-relief guy, possibly bottom rotation as splits improve, lacking good pitches

Overall owners did a fairly decent job protecting players as likely only 2-3 of these guys (Silva, Hooper, Ogea) have all-star potential but certainly some nice roster fillers for teams in need




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