Power Rankings – Catheter Bag Half Full

14 03 2011

Mid-Season Power Rankings

We are a little beyond the halfway point. We’ve had the All Star game. We’ve had patrickm forget to give us Diamonds in the Rough. We’ve had Fregoe decide to start tanking.

It’s about time for another set of power rankings.

I wanted to get a gauge of the consensus opinion, so I solicited for people to supply their Top Ten and Bottom Five. I received votes from 8 people, including myself.

Here you go, whiner:

1.      San Antonio – 62-33 – Previously ranked first overall, San Antonio has gone 31-22 since our first Power Rankings installment. Of the eight voters, rlahann’s squad received five first place votes. They’re pacing the league in most pitching categories, and it’s really quite remarkable when an American League team who is subjected to facing Designated Hitters has the fewest runs allowed of all teams.

2.      Montgomery – 59-36 – Ranked 8th at the quarterpoint, Montgomery has gone 35-18 and made up ground on rlahann for best record in the division, much less the league. The recipient of the other three first place votes, Montgomery recently squandered an opportunity to gain more ground on San Antonio. The series coming out of the All-Star break saw the Stan Rhodes Memorials take the first two games before a rough outing in the third game and a heartbreaking 17-inning defeat in the fourth game, ensuring a series split.

3.      San Diego – 59-36 – San Diego has been on an incredible tear since the quarterpoint, skyrocketing up the power rankings after going 38-15 over the last few weeks. They graded fairly highly on most ballots, except for one by a rival and another by someone’s statistical theory.

4.      Salem – 57-38 – Moy has gone 30-23 since our last update. He’s distanced himself in his division, somewhat. While some could argue that this team has played above expectations, it consistently placed in the middle of all top ten lists.

5.      San Francisco – 54-41 – Acecards’ team has gone 32-21 since the last update to move further up the rankings. They actually had the same number of weighted votes as our next team, but got a bump because they were consistently higher ranked and the only low ranking came from an NL rival. One ranking metric that was used included runs per at-bat as a consideration, and San Francisco fares exceptionally well in this ranking, especially compared to their National League counterparts.

6.      Mexico City – 54-41 – The Quetzalcoatl have gone 29-24 since our last update, but still don’t have much separation in what’s looking like the National League’s best division. With the highest expected winning percentage in the National League and an unfortunate 2-10 record in Extra Inning games, there is still room to improve.

7.      St Louis – 52-43 – The fastest risers on this list, St. Louis has gone 33-20 since the last update to contend in the National League South. The fact that users with advanced metrics as a determining guide for their rankings have St. Louis as high as they do is indicative of the progress they’ve made, because they were off to a terrible start in the beginning of the season. It went beyond a regression to the mean, and the pendulum has swung in the complete opposite direction. With a talented roster, St. Louis is starting to look like a much more significant opponent down the stretch in the NL

8.      Dover – 52-43 – Tylermathias losing his job and actually paying attention to this team has led them to go 25-28 since our last update. They still hold a secure lead of the NL East, but it’s beginning to slowly dwindle. Excluding divisional games, against what is generally a weak group, this is just a .500 team.

9.      Montreal – 52-43 – Gin has gone 31-22 since our last ranking, mostly out of spite. He’s moved past a slumping Toledo team to take control of a division in flux. Potential reason? This is the most walked team in the league. Low-control pitchers will really struggle against this line-up.

10.  Kansas City – 48-47 – Kind of a surprise final entrant, considering of the eight voters they only made it onto two ballots. But because of the depth/mediocrity of this league, the back-end votes were split amongst many franchises. Kansas City actually held the edge because robusk gave them a second-place vote on the heels of a measurement that shows Kansas City has been performing very well in both facets of the game, and is proven largely unlucky. I never double-checked his math, but Babypop says this team has the biggest difference between BABIP and Batting Average, which is odd because they actually lead the league in batting average.

Other teams receiving votes included an Albuquerque team that just swept San Antonio not too long ago, and has steadily decreased moy’s division lead… Memphis was on the most ballots of the teams that didn’t make the cut, but with consistently low placing, most teams apparently don’t have much respect for the 53-42 record, which sits as the fourth best in the NL… Philadelphia, Fargo, Milwaukee, and Norfolk each had one lone supporter. It’s especially interesting that Fargo received votes for this previous list, and our next one:

The Bottom Five

28. Louisville – 41-54- Bret has made progress with this team compared to the first quarter, as they’ve gone 28-25 in that span. The peripherals suggest that maybe Louisville’s slow start was just a result of epically bad luck, but the issue probably resides with a league worst .293 opponent’s batting average allowed. While they have made some strides since starting off so abysmally, they’re still awfully awful.

29. Buffalo – 40-55 – tracyr’s squad has gone 23-30 since our last update. They have the second-most strikeouts in the league, and were one of only two teams to make each of the five “Worst Five” ballots submitted.

30. New York (AL) – 37-58 – The DANZAS have gone 21-32 since the last update. They’re the most struck out team in the league. I guess compared to the awful start, this is still progress. But they still suck.

31. New York (NL) – 39-56 – The Bowie Mafia have gone 24-29 since the previous power rankings. They haven’t shown much improvement. Either that can be traced back to dherz spending too much time with his geriatric neighbors in Tampa Bay, or the complete lack of talent on the ML roster. Regardless, they don’t score nearly enough runs. It’s the most anemic offense in the league by most statistical analysis, and it has squandered a decent pitching performance.

32. Cleveland – 35-60 – They’ve really gotten shitty. One has to suspect if dmurphy has began tanking, because last we checked they were 21-21 and were making improvements as an organization. To go from there, lose 39 out of 53 games, and shit the bed so profusely that you have to wonder if they know what a toilet even is. They are closing in on the Triple Crown of Pitching Failure, as they have the worst ERA, the worst WHIP, and are right there as the worst OAV. The pitching staff isn’t bad enough to warrant this performance. Also, he owes me money from our fantasy football league. Scumbag.




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