Season 19 Draft Backlash

1 03 2011

Season 19 Draft Review


It’s going to take several seasons before we really see who did well with this draft, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go through the first round and nitpick.

Let’s see if your franchise managed to hold up to scrutiny.


1.      New York Danzas – LHP Kurt Newman – Based on conversations I had with topoftheworl, this was about the best he was getting with the rather small amateur scouting budget in New York. Not the flashiest pick, and definitely not a franchise-altering player, but there have been worse top picks. He’s a relatively safe middle-of-the-rotation pitcher. Though, there had to be some thought in NY to bump a “Probably Won’t Sign” prospect up to the top of the board, knowing that he’d turn down the contract, and being content with the second pick next year when they can better allocate money towards the draft…

2.      Memphis Blues RHP Larry Brennaman – There’s a good chance that he emerges as the top pitcher to come out of this draft, depending on your opinion of pitch ratings. The control and splits indicate an ace-quality pitcher, but the precipitous drop-off from a plus fastball to mediocre to bad auxiliary pitchers makes you wonder if he’ll need to work in battery with a high pitch-calling catcher for most his career. But his core ratings indicate that he’s worth the $3.9M signing bonus.

3.      Hartford Dark Blues LHP Fred Karnuth – If it weren’t for the signing risk, there’s a chance that Karnuth could have surpassed Brennaman as the top projected pitcher from this class. With a higher stamina, control, vs. L, and an arsenal of plus pitches, Karnuth has the ability to fare well. However, he’s still considering playing college baseball and is asking for $6.320M off the bat from Hartford, with the chance that he’ll ask for even more down the line. Still, it’ll probably be cheaper than a comparable pitcher on the International market.

4.      Fargo Eh LHP Lawrence Ball – Moving away from blackmink’s usual habit of drafting health risks, he decides to instead pick a signing risk. Ball is considering professional basketball, but if he chooses to stick with baseball could find himself with a solid career as a SP3. Coming into the draft as a 21 year old, he still has a lot of room to improve to hit his projections, but he does carry the patience and make-up to come close to those goals.

5.      Cleveland Aboriginii SS Vin White – The top overall projected rating in this draft, without really being that good in any one facet. Probably won’t have the range to stick at shortstop. Neither a contact nor a power hitter, with okay splits and eye. He’s extremely durable and very speedy. He won’t be the impact player his overall rating suggests, but he’ll be a starter for most his career.

6.      Albuquerque No Names C Torey Tapies – I’m doing winepimp a service by listing him as a catcher. Honestly, he has the arm to play the position, but he just doesn’t have much pitch-calling ability. He could conceivably split time between DH and catcher and get his at-bats that way. And really, the only thing that matters with Tapies is the at-bats. He’s one of the better pure hitters in this draft. Highly durable, with good splits and plus-power. Hitting from the Isotopes ballpark, he should have pretty awesome career numbers. Seems high for the kind of guy we’ll see later on in the draft, but winepimp needed a middle-of-the-order bat for his future.

7.      Boise Mays 3B Vincente Pulido – He won’t ever have the range for shortstop, but he’ll be able to play at the hot corner. His splits are each projected to be 80+, and his glove and arm could be gold glove caliber at third base later in his career.

8.      Buffalo I’m stopping with the team nicknames at this point because I don’t know all of them and it’s a hassle to doublecheck the retarded things other people think are clever 2B Herb Richard – The first of several early picks owned by tracyr. Capable of playing 2B or CF defensively, with good speed and great durability. His best trait might actually be his batting eye, but his bat is adequate enough to be a significant player in a lineup.

9.      Montreal RHP Kendry Colome – Very skewed splits, but will be pretty effective against right-handed batters. Upside probably tops out at SP3.

10.  New York (NL) RHP Benji Duran – Future short-relief pitcher. Has the control and splits to be a high level closer, but also lacks a second pitch. Durability and health suggest that he might not be able to pitch as frequently as the closer position can necessitate.

11.  Texas LHP Luis Lind – Possesses a three inch overbite. His face from the side looks like that Spy vs. Spy cartoon. As such, he possesses a formidable drool ball. His control projects favorably, his splits will top out in the low 60’s if he reaches expectations.

12.  Buffalo RHP Rick Romanski – Here’s a great idea: Take an injury-prone 18 you just drafted and throw him right into Hi-A. That won’t backfire. He has the potential to be pretty good if he stays healthy, as his control, splits, and pitches all indicate a strong upside. But Buffalo has other plans for him.

13.  Scottsdale RF Dick Meadows – Fregoe only picked him because it sounds like somewhere he’d like to visit. But other than that, Dick has a very low contact rating that he hopes to cancel out with his very strong batting eye.

14.  Philadelphia LHP Lawrence Hunter – Better than his overall rating suggests, Hunter will hold back-of-the-rotation value. Should reunite with his cousin Shawn who lives just outside Philadelphia, as long as Shawn’s BFF Corey doesn’t get too jealous of their friendship.

15.  Cincinnati RHP Clyde Moore – Nellie was looking to avoid a signing risk, and the signing bonus being commanded might be too much. But Moore is a solid pitcher. His control, vs. RH, and two plus pitches indicate that he has the potential to be worth the contract he’s asking for. It’s just an issue of Nellie finding the room under the budget.

16.  Norfolk LHP Javy Sanchez – Very low durability, which could restrict him from playing as often as stu would like. His pitching skill commands playing time, however. With strong control, splits, and pitches, Sanchez has the ability to be a top level pitcher if he could ever be relied upon. He just isn’t durable enough to pitch every fifth day, and doesn’t have the stamina to throw many pitches when he does start.

17.  Toledo – RF Phil Wilson – I can’t see this prospect. I’ll assume it’s because he has spent his adolescent life in a mental institution with a lesbian-haired Angelina Jolie.

18.  Honolulu – 1B Al Mateo – One of the steals of the draft. A legitimate power thread from the left side of the plate, he should produce many seasons of 40+ home runs.

19.  Louisville – RHP Jorge Vincente – Might be the best starting pitcher that bret has ever drafted in this world, and he happened to do it with a pick substantially later than he’s usually picking from. He has good control, good splits, great pitches. His weakness is his low health rating. Bret very much needs Vincente to stay healthy.

20.  Mexico City – RHP Glen Killefer – Low splits, but a solid groundball pitcher that will benefit from the top defense in the league.

21.  Detroit – 1B Napoleon Jones – Very good value for a highly regarded power bat. The question is whether his glove is good enough to play in the NL.

22.  Scranton – RHP Jack Gutierrez – Solid relief pitcher. Potential to close down the line. Good control, good splits, and a durability/health rating that’ll allow him to play as often as possible.

23.  Kansas City – C Peter Fox – A pick that rlahann considers the top value in the draft, Fox is probably below average defensively as a catcher, but has phenomenal splits and batting eye. His contact and power are high, and he has the potential to be an all-star caliber bat from the middle of the order.

24.  Minnesota – CF Wally Miller – Could also play second base, projects to have an above average glove and range for either position. His bat, however, is merely average. He yells at the screen when watching Dora the Explorer, and doesn’t have children. He just likes TV shows that encourage him to interact. Sometimes he just screams letters at people on TV when he’s watching the Price is Right.

25.  Dover – 3B Josh Ruebel – Probably going to wind up in RF or something. He’s really trying hard to grow a beard so the veteran players in Dover don’t make fun of him for being the rookie. But his face looks like Rob Tracy’s sweaty back.

26.  Salem – C Matty Neruda – Doesn’t really play well enough defensively to be a reliable catcher, and he has nothing on Jizz Bomber. His vL split and batting eye are very strong, but otherwise will probably be lost somewhere in moy’s system.

27.  San Diego – RHP Peter Balfour – Tisi drafted a few decent relievers this season, and Balfour is one of them. One of many San Diego relief prospects. So I’m just going to forget who he is because there are like five more just like him.

28.  Montgomery – LHP Ronald Acker – Solid enough pitching prospect who is more of a case study in what a 100 projected range would affect a pitcher. His control is very strong, as are his pitches. The splits will hopefully reach the low 60’s. But he’s the first of a pretty strong Montgomery draft.

29.  Montreal – 3B Buck Stanley – Not good enough to actually play shortstop. Doesn’t really do much beyond not get hurt, but he’ll probably have some value in a depleted system.

30.  Detroit – RHP Russ Dobbs – robusk might not be able to get this guy signed, but he’s a back of the rotation pitcher. Two plus pitches, great control, and the potential for good splits. Is one of the few people who goes out of their way to read antonsirius’s movie reviews.

31.  Buffalo – 3B Harold Rolle – Definitely not a shortstop defensively. Potential signing risk, but might be worth the compensatory pick next season if he does shoot Buffalo down. Nothing really interesting about him as a prospect.

32.  San Francisco – LHP Cal Bukvich – Does anyone read these previews for players that they didn’t draft themselves? I wonder if it’s a waste. Hey Ace. How’s it going? Surprised this wasn’t some guy with 90+ baserunning. Or is it? I seriously did just double-check. That’d be pretty fast for a relief pitcher. But this guy is decent. Good control, the durability/health/stamina to be relied on frequently, and a couple good pitches.

33.  San Antonio RHP Tom Bruce – Might not sign. A very high stamina considering his health and durability will allow him to pitch frequently. Probably exploitable in a tandem, but his splits really don’t really look great. He has two phenomenal 90+ projected pitches, so there could be some value in him. If he signs.

34.  Fargo RHP Lonnie Thompson – It’s like moy purposely targeted players with higher health and durability, just to spite robusk. Thompson is elite as far as he can pitch a few innings in nearly every game. But his low splits and the fact his stamina might not improve enough mean that he might just be a mediocre pitcher who can just happen to pitch all the damn time.

35.  San Antonio LHP Aubrey Strickland – Very good relief pitcher prospect. Has a weird first name. You wonder if his parents were hoping he was a girl, but just kind of got confused between a b and a d. I remember when I was four that was a sticking point. Maybe his parents are four year olds.



That’s the end of the first round. I’m not doing the compensatory picks because you jerks aren’t worth it.

Looking over the rest of the draft, it’s clear that the teams with the higher amateur scouting budgets had a distinct advantage. Even if moy doesn’t think anyone worthwhile goes at this point in the draft, I can see several. I’m just too lazy to name them.




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