Quarterpoint Power Rankings

22 02 2011

We just passed the 40 game mark, draft prospects have shown up for your viewing. It’s about time we did a Power Ranking.

1. San Antonio (rlahann)31-11 – Best record in the league in arguably the toughest division in the league. A remarkable 8-0 record in extra inning games. Not to mention an unreal 139 runs allowed, which tops both leagues.

2. Toledo (calvinhydro) – 30-12 – Second best record, with an impressive 9-1 division mark. After years of stockpiling talent, Toledo has moved quickly to pounce on the opportunity. League leaders in runs scored.

3. Salem (moy23) – 27-15 – Gave them the edge for the third spot after taking two of three in a series against San Antonio this weekend. Due for a spell of retardation.

4. Dover (tylermathias) – 27-15 – National League’s best record. Playing beyond the limits of mediocrity. Might backslide once TM is unemployed and decides to spend more time paying attention to the team.

5. Mexico City (cbriese) – 25-17 – The focus on defense and pitching has this team poised for another playoff season. Playing below Expected Winning Percentage, so there is improvement to be had for this team. Will probably finish with the least runs allowed in the league.

6. Detroit (robusk) – 24-18 – Winning the division despite a difficulty scoring runs. It will be interesting to see how they perform when robusk abandons them to gallavant around Europe.

7. Philadelphia (jwelsh) – 22-20 – Probably ranked too highly, but they’re severely outperforming this record. They’ve lost 12 games by one run. That shouldn’t happen with one of the best closers in the league on their roster. The expected winning percentage and improved late-game performance should have them as a frontrunner for a National League playoff spot.

8. Montgomer (r0b0t) – 24-18 – Should be playing better. An unreasonable amount of solo home runs highlights a need for OBP improvement.

9. Colorado (jstnklly) – 24-18 – Reigning NL West champions were slow out of the gate, but have been pushing moy for the division title as the season has worn on. Willie Simpson continues to play at an MVP level.

10. San Francisco (acecards) – 22-20 – This is where it gets tough, as there is a very large contingent of teams hovering around .500. However San Francisco has the framework to bust out of a minislump and improve significantly.

11. Memphis (patrickm) – 23-19 – Performing above expectations. Ranked this highly based on current success, though I foresee a precipitous dropoff in their future.

12. Honolulu (spacecoyote) – 22-20 – Tied atop the NL West despite preseason roster clearance sale. In a season in which they were not expected to contend, even by their owner, they have performed admirably and have an Expected Winning percentage that says they should be doing even better.

13. Montreal (gin) – 21-21 – Seems to be reinvigorating the franchise. There’s some motivation to this season for gin, probably out of spite. In fact, Cliff Santurria has been seen shooting crows with a potato gun. Perhaps in an attempt to feed someone crow later on.

14. Scranton (alcheez) – 21-21 – Good team. It’s too bad alcheez doesn’t have a functioning scrotum. He was in a good position to upgrade this team in the offseason and didn’t really do much. Probably still a virgin.

15. Cleveland (dmurphy) – 21-21 – Talented minor league system that’s slowly being brought up to the majors. Has improved with each week of the season, which either indicates that young players are blossoming or dmurphy being too consumed with his next child has let the SIM take more control over the franchise and undo his fuckery.

16. Kansas City (babypop) – 21-21 – Despite talented roster, having difficulty scoring runs. Pitching hasn’t been the weakspot as I had anticipated. If the hitting improves and the pitching maintains, they’ll make a run. But it’s probably a retarded see-saw in Kansas City.

17. San Diego (tisi) – 21-21 – Better than this. Played in an astonishing 20 one run games, and is 10-10 in those. A paltry 139 runs scored this season shows this team needs to make some strides offensively if they hope to really contend for their division.

18. Minnesota (Hawk27) – 21-21 – Staying close enough to Detroit to make a serious push if robusk stumbles.

19. Norfolk (stu) – 19-23 – Their early season run is in the distant past. Their team was buoyed by a devastating series sweep over the DANZAS to open the year, including a game in which they hung up 40+ runs. Perhaps rounding the bases that often in the first series wore this team out, as they haven’t performed as well since that point.

20. Milwaukee (mrfortune) – 19-23 – Reigning World Series champions are in the cellar of their division. The talent is there to redeem themselves, as they’re a better squad than last year. But they are in an improving division so expectations might have to be tempered.

21. Texas (vandydave) – 19-23 – Putting up a lot of runs, as usual, but allowing them just as often. Allowing a lot of runs for a team that was hoping to contend.

22. St. Louis ( traxman) – 19-23- Very talented team that’s slowly overcoming tlak abandoning them to start the season. Doing an adequate job getting the pitching staff in order, and the l ineup appears to be gaining steam.

23. Cincinnati (nellie) – 19-23 –  Allowing the most runs in the National League. The defense and pitching will have to be improved if Nellie hopes to make an in-season push.

24. Boise (urdanick) – 18-24 – Once again, another NL team that’s giving up a lot of runs. The pitching staff is weak, but the bats should be good enough to push this team closer to .500 as the year progresses.

25. Albuquerque (winepimp) – 19-23 – The move to a hitter’s park has done more for the opposing team’s batters than it has for the No Name’s. However, the prospects in the system seem to be showing some improvement and could help this team out sooner than expected.

26. Buffalo (tracyr) – 17-25 – This team broke Rob’s heart. Literally.

27. Scottsdale (Fregoe) – 18-24 – In the process of actively selling off all their Major League assets. The forecast doesn’t look very good for this team improving much this season.

28. Fargo (blackmink) – 18-24 – As robusk documented, blackmink is a little retarded. This team is injury-prone and not capable of handling those injuries. The team is error prone but not good enough to make up for those errors. Just a mess.

29. Hartford (mbriese) – 16-26 – I thought he was trying to get some apprenticeship in the robusk/rlahann school of team management? I guess he failed following his father’s style, and is trying someone else’s, and is failing too. Should not be this bad.

30. New York DANZAS (topoftheworl) – 16-26 – It’s impressive they’re even this high. This lineup was devastated coming out of spring training, and it took some work to get them competitive at the ML level. I’m actually pleasantly surprised they’re doing so well. They’re only 3 games back from their division lead. PLUS, they just pulled off a pretty nice trade to improve their team both short-term and long-term. They had tons of money sitting around that they’ve taken to bringing in a bad contract in return for a top prospect. Should pay off.

31. New York Bowie Mafia (dherz) – 15-27 – Just how many seasons is it permissable to say someone is rebuilding? When can we just say they suck?

32. Louisville (bret) – 13-29 – This is what happens when bret gets cocky. He finally thinks his team has a playoff shot, and they shit the bed en masse. Lowest runs scored total in the AL, second most runs given up. And it’s only second-most because New York gave up like 90 runs in one series.




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