People I am better than: blackmink18

11 02 2011

I decided to do the first one of these on blackmink since he claimed he wasn’t an idiot.

So, let’s look at the Fargo Eh (that name sucks).

Career record:

904-1202 (.429)

Career record v. robusk:

43-74 (.368)

1st Round Picks in Last Five Seasons:

S14, Pick #8: Jaime Green, C – Never signed

S15, Pick #9: Joe Craddock, P – Mediocre splits, can’t throw many innings, no dominant pitches, average control, promoted properly

S15, Pick #20: Harvey McMilan, P – Never signed

S15, Pick #37: Lance James, P – DUR of 5, crappy control, crappy pitchers, average splits, still in AAA

S16, Pick #19: Morgan Decker, P – Yet another guy who can’t throw many innings and would need an owner who could micromanage a staff, poor health, strong ratings otherwise, put in AAA when he was 19 years old and has been left there for three seasons but the impact of this is debatable

S17, Pick #11: Harley Dransfeldt, CF – Will never be able to play CF or 2B at a high level, probably a LF or RF.  Pretty decent bat with power and batting eye

S18, Pick #27: Kazuhiro Masato, P – Really an awful pick.  AAAA pitcher.  Nothing to like about this guy.  Also below average health.

S18, Pick #58: Patrick Glover, P – Seems at least decent but probably not much better.  Average ratings across the board projection wise, but since he is already 23 I don’t suspect he gets as close to the projections.  Probably a Setup B type on an average to below average team.

Draft Recap – 8 first round picks in 5 seasons.  Two guys who never signed, 2 guys who can definitely play in the bigs, a guy who could possibly contribute, 3 indefensible selections.  Never had less than 15 million allocated to both HS and College scouting and averaged over 17 million each during that time.


Last five seasons have had him at 14 for training and medical each season except for the one time he went to 15 for each; awesome for a guy who loves players with low health ratings.  Also continues to budget low dollars to coaching even though he regularly has high draft picks that need development.  He likes to stay in no man’s land in prospect budgeting, continuing to allocate 9-13 million a year in prospect money even though he doesn’t put any money towards international scouts.  He has then transferred money from this pool at a 50% loss to player budget every season has owned this team except for one.

Trade History:

Only three trades the last five seasons, none of them amounted to much.

Free Agency:

Likes signing old players on deals of 1-4 seasons, although in his defense, usually to contracts that get cheaper as they go along.  Also, for some unknown reason, he signs a crap load of guys who can throw limited innings and players with poor health.  Shockingly, his team underachieved last season because his pitching staff was fatigued and people got injured.  I can’t figure out why.  Pretty sure he never signs Type A players or splurges on a big name, which is good because since he is so awesome at drafting and getting quality coaches, he needs to focus on developing prospects.


Blackmink doesn’t know how to draft.  When he needs talent for his team, he is content drafting guys that will never play for his team so he can transfer the money to his payroll and sign another 36 year old pitcher with a DUR of 2.  He likes leading the league in players on the disabled list.  He neither improves his team through free agency or the draft.  He likes pitchers who need to be micromanaged so he can go ahead and not micromanage them.  He likes to piss away money.  He doesn’t like it when people reach their projections.  Best thing you can say about him is that he doesn’t get trade raped too frequently.  Also, he lives in the middle of nowhere and news travels to him 10 times slower than to the rest of us.  I think he is on a 56k modem.  I am pretty sure I have never replied to a blackmink post.  He made the playoffs once in 13 seasons.  He votes for the same players as moy on Hall of Fame ballots.  Pretty sure he sucks at life.  Oh yeah, and before his rectum got worn out, he traded one of the best RPs of all time for a RF who couldn’t hit and an SP with a career ERA of nearly 5.




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