Hall of Fame Results

11 02 2011

Marty Velandia 22
Tarrik Grieve 16
Esteban Baez 13
Nicky Harper 13
Kerry Pride 13
Jimmie Franco 8
Al Romero 7
Bernard Bates 6
Jim Miller 5
Juan Manzanillo 3
Alex Azocar 3
Dennis Nakamura 2
Calvin Wayne 1
Seth Campbell 1
Elroy Clifton 1
Abraham Howard 1
Wayne Steele 1
Dante Hafner 1
Fred Allensworth 1
Marc Edmonds 1
Russ Westbrook 1
Jin Iwazaki 1

That’s a total of 121 votes cast. So it’s a given that some teams didn’t use all five votes that they could have. With 32 teams, there’s a potential for 160 votes. By my guess, that means 5-7 teams just neglected voting entirely.

That’s not even to mention the fact that some bizarre choices wound up with one vote apiece. I had Calvin Wayne, and I don’t see who could have possibly voted for him there.

Now that Velandia is in, the next group that could possibly get in features Grieve, Baez, Harper, and Pride.

Franco, Romero, and Bates all had fairly large contingents supporting them publicly before the draft, though the numbers don’t really show that.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the results.




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