New York DANZAS: Who’s The Boss?

9 02 2011

For the sake of full transparency, I wanted to discuss the goings-on involving the New York DANZAS franchise.

Despite numerous attempts at contact, hugenuge has been missing in action. His one appearance was to express surprise the league was already a week or so in. To my knowledge, he did not sign on after that.

I’m going to give it one last attempt to get him back, and then I’ll just solicit for a replacement.

In the meantime, his team was transferred to hopecorrupts, which I’m sure all of you are aware is a joint alias in which several of us have access.

New York only had 12 players on the ML Roster, and lost its second game of the season by allowing 48 runs… They needed an immediate intervention.

As such, free agents were signed for all levels of the franchise. The minor leagues were filled up to ensure that no prospect gets an avoidable injury.  The majors were filled with available ML FA talent.

I purposely did not sign any Type A Free Agents. I am also of the spirit that until a long term owner is found, there won’t be any trades involving that organization. Because of the potential for collusion, I will do everything possible to maintain an unbiased franchise until an owner is found.

If you have any owners you would recommend to take over this team, please send a trade chat to r0b0t.




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