The Hall of Fame Career of Tarrik Grieve – A Point/Counterpoint

1 02 2011

This is our first blog post of Season 19. We’ll have some season previews ready shortly, but in the meantime, I felt like elaborating on the case for an old nemesis.

To further illustrate his candidacy, and to avoid appearing biased, I have invited Vandydave to serve as my counterpoint on this debate on Tarrik Grieve‘s Hall of Fame laurels.

Vandydave’s text will be italicized.

Thanks for helping with this, Dave.

No problem. It’s not like I have work to do.

Now my case for Tarrik Grieve has to begin and end with the fact that he was the most dominating pitcher on the most dominating team that our league has ever seen. Gin’s Season 7-11 behemoth had its entire pitching staff and team philosophy built around Tarrik Grieve. His traditional numbers just can’t reflect just how dominant he was.

Yeah, but he doesn’t have 100 wins or 200 saves or even my benchmark for innings pitched, 1,776.

I didn’t realize you were that patriotic.

It’s not for the Declaration of Independence. 17 and 76 are the jersey numbers for the two cutest boys on the local high school football team.

Looking at wins and saves and other standard statistics won’t ever properly highlight Grieve’s dominance. He’d pitch multiple innings of every important game gin played. He was so dominant in his appearances that he’d basically shorten a game to 7 innings.

Nine inning games are too long anyway. I’m not impressed.

How many relief pitchers average over 100 innings a season over their career? He was clearly a workhorse for that team.

Was he hung like one?

I’m not sure, but he played like he was. Move beyond his regular season statistics. Look at his post-season stats, in particular for that run between Season 7 and Season 11. You can throw in rlahann’s Season 12 if you must.

In Seasons 8 and 9 he pitched over 20 innings in the post season and had an ERA comfortably below 1. His career post-season ERA is below 2.00. His OAV/OOBP/OSLG were .183/.238/.272 respectively. That’s flat-out dominant.

Yeah, but he didn’t have any wins or saves during that period of time.

Because he was starting every other post-season game and going two or three innings deep each game. Like I said, he greatly shortened the most important games of the season. It averaged out as if your team came into those post-season games with only the ability to get two outs per inning.

There’s no postseason award or World Series MVP to his credit.

Those awards don’t exist.

No real awards exist for him, except for the Fireman awards from when he was used as a real closer.

He was better than a real closer. He played more than a real closer and had a greater affect on games than a real closer.

He was a glitch bitch.

No, he was just as dominant as Stan Rhodes and Marty Velandia, but he just happened to influence more games than either of them ever could.


If you want to hate gin for finding a way to manipulate the tandem settings, or to manage the game where his best pitchers were being used most frequently, you’re kind of hating someone for being smarter than you.

I guess I don’t hate many people then. /Moral Superiority

You know, if Jesus played HBD, he would have used tandems too. Jesus was all about working together and the greater good. In fact, Tarrik Grieve and Jesus would probably have been nearly identical players.

Enjoy Hell.

I think Jesus would be enamored with that comparison.

I think you’re pandering for the neo-conservative hall of fame voters.

I think you’re a creep for making a career of playing tickle-fight with underaged kids.

It’s the Lord’s work.

So what would it take to convince you that Grieve deserves your vote? If all that’s pointed at is arbitrary stats and not actual influence on games or impact for the league, then nobody will ever get into the Hall of Fame. I argue that there was no greater impact among all HBD players in Shtickless than Tarrik Grieve. He was why gin always won.

I argue that there should be no age of consent, because if anyone under 18 can’t make a legally binding decision, they shouldn’t have to consent to whatever I do to them.

Whatever. Not voting for Grieve because he doesn’t meet stupid statistical benchmarks shows ignorance. Not voting for Grieve because he played in the AL and never really got to beat you down just shows that you were lucky. Not voting for Grieve because he represents a time when gin was smarter than the rest of us shows bitchy pettiness.

Not voting for Grieve either shows that you are ignorant, or you’re just taking the internet too siriusly.

Thanks for helping with this, VD.

I still haven’t taken down my Christmas tree.




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