Season 18 AL Preview/Sex Toy Party

5 11 2010

Welcome to another season. It’s another chance for me to get lazy and stop posting on this blog too early on…

Rather than doing the team-by-team previews which prooved to be too time consuming for me last year, I’ll break it down by league. Today is the AL.

AL North Outlook:
tpete won this division last year, but he’s moved on. Taking over the defending division champions is mrfortune. He has a talented roster, but I’m once again predicting gin to eventually start trying again and walk away with the division title. While his lineup is old enough to have the Montreal locker room looking like a Lemon Party, the emphasis on medical and training should keep them strong and in the AL hunt throughout the season.

AL East
Norfolk had the best team in this division last year,r and they’ll have the best team this year. The organization is much more stocked than any of their divisional rivals. There’s no rason to sense a change in the divisional outlook after this past offseason.

AL South
This division has been home to two of the league’s heavyweights the last several seasons. San Antonio and Kansas City still have very talented teams with very specific organizational models. Not only is the nucleus for each team returning, but there are a few talented minor leaguers waiting in the wings which should help each team maintain strong levels of play. Clearly, I’m biased, but Montgomery has a pretty strong amount of young talent in the organization. They’ve made a few trades this offseason to improve the overall team outlook, but it probably isn’t enough just yet. Meanwhile bret is slowly making progress. He’s started accumulating talent, but it was just revealed that he always just goes by the recs at the Major League level for his settings. So some things still need improvement.

AL West
It’s moy’s division to lose. Salem is the defending World Series champion and returns a very talented core of plaeyrs. As usual, though, the issues which plague moy might be more than just the acquisition of talent. Clearly it’s a stocked organization, but the lack of emphasis on medical and training could lead to a sharp decline for some stalwarts and a prevalence of injuries that cause long-term damage to players and the organization. Fregoe has begun tanking, somewhat, in an attempt to restock his organization.
Projected AL Playoff Field:
1 Salem
2 Kansas City
3 Norfolk
4 Montreal

5 San Antonio
6 Montgomery

AL Champion = Kansas City
AL MVP = Wiki Armas, Montreal
AL Cy Young = Cleatus Kohlmeier, San Antonio
AL ROY = Sam Swindell, Montgomery




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