NL Season 18 Mary Kay Beauty Products Sales Party and Season Preview

5 11 2010

I’ll be honest. This isn’t my wheelhouse. But I’m still looking over rosters and trying to make an educated decision of all this.

Here’s my best guess. Call me an idiot if you must.

NL North:
robusk will let you know that it isn’t his most talented team. He’s trying to overhaul his lineup and they’re in a transitional stage, but I still think the sheer effort he puts into his teams compared to his division foes will probably help him win this one. Fargo has talent, plenty of it, but the question is whether blackmink’s talent will outplay robusk’s savvy.

NL East:
Didn’t this division used to be good? When tylermathias is your juggernaut, I think you can honestly stop hanging onto that “BEast” nickname. Scranton and Philadelphia will give chase, but it’s Dover’s division to lose. The Dramas’ lineup is stocked with both speed and power, and can win games in several different ways. Gil McMillan will be an MVP contender, and should lead Dover to a first round bye.

NL South:
Mexico City won the division last year, and while I see a drop-off in level of play, I don’t anticipate it being so significant thatt cbriese will lose his hold on the division. I do believe Ismael Nieves will lead Texas within a few games of Mexico City and will have his name firmly in the MVP running. His OPS will probably be one of the top few in the NL, so he’ll be on the ballot at the end of the year. Meanwhile Memphis and St. Louis are still in the midts of rebuilding and don’t quite look ready to challenge for the division.

AL West:
In what is consistently one of the more competitive divisions, there is generally constant tumult at the top. LA won last year, and has the lineup to contend again. However the pitching staff seems to be of lower quality than spacecoyote usually fields. The bats, led by McMahon and Gonzalez, will keep them in the playoff hunt. Meanwhile, Boise remains consistent and should again challenge for the division crown. San Diego and San Francisco each have talented teams, and could easily make a run towards the division title. In a hotly contested division, end-of-season health and fatigue might wind up playing a significant impact. Based on the budgets, I’m just going to guess Urdanick and Boise will be the ones finishing strong.
NL Playoff Seeds:
1 Dover
2 Mexico City
3 Boise
4 Detroit
5 Los Angeles
6 Scranton

NL Champion – Dover
NL MVP – Kelly Payne, Boise
NL Cy Young – Rusty Dresden, Fargo
NL ROY – Bill Mahoney, St. Louis




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