17 01 2010

1. what is your occupation SHADY BANKER 2. favorite MLB team, player, moment IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOU BETTA AXE SOMEBODY?!?! OKAY – SEE DHERZ FOR TEH ANSWER. FAVE PLAYER – #7 JOSE JOSE JOSE JOSE. BEING AT THE BARTMAN GAME AND WATCHING CUBS FANS WRIGGLE IN AGONY! THAT WAS FANTASTIC! 3. favorite HBD moment ITS A TOSS-UP… KNOCKING R0B0T OUT OF THE WILDCARD RACE TWICE IN A ROW OR WINNING THE HAROLD REYNOLDS WS. HMMM. 4. how much time do you spend on your franchise daily LESS THAN I SHOULD 5. any advice for rookie HBD owners YEAH – DON’T LEAVE YOUR STARTING PITCHERS IN FOR THE WHOLE SPRING TRAINING – THEY WILL START THE SEASON WITH ABOUT AS MUCH SUCCESS AS ALCHEEZ PICKING UP WOMEN. 6. the most important factor, in your opinion, in building a winning franchise TANK FIRST – THEN WIN!!! 7. who is the greatest MLB team (and year) of all time 1986 METS – I’M BIASED.




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