‘B0t Stove

17 01 2010

Welcome to the ‘B0t Stove, the location for Shtickless Hardball Dynasty news, rumors, and propaganda.

Hootie Stewart is 20 home runs from capturing the all-time career record. He’s also three Cabbage Patch orphans from having the world’s largest collection.

-Expect Jake Schmidt to get some extra rest in Spring Training, and Orel Reed to visit a jeweler. Reed lost his DANZAS World Series Champion ring up Schmidt’s rectum. Supposedly Reed used too much lube and the ring just slid off. Three small diamonds off the Danza’s logo on the side of the ring are still unaccounted for.

-A poll of 16 of the league’s owners revealed unanimous support that the AL is superior to the NL.

Marty Velandia got so accustomed to being in Stan Rhodes’ shadow that he stopped wearing sunscreen. But since moving to the NL, he never properly adjusted. He now has melanoma.

-Former owners tlak and az4lifenotr have returned to the league. honestly, tlak really wanted to start up a relationship with a new franchise.

-The NL East had a down year last year. It’s rumored that the extended proximity to tylermathias regressed the other franchises into mediocrity.

If you have any tips, please trade chat them to me.




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