15 01 2010

1. what is your occupation- High School Gym Teacher

2. favorite MLB team, player, moment- Toronto Blue Jays, Mike Piazza and Joe Carter’s homerun off of Mitch Williams to defeat the PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES in the 1993 World Series

3. favority HBD moment- Winning the WS in a non-shtickless league (so I assume it counts for less)

4. how much time do you spend on your franchise daily- once I start teaching full-time in February I will be lucky to have 10 mins/day

5. any advice for rookie HBD owners- Pay attention to periphreal ratings like Injury or you might end up with Tyler Ramsey

6. the most important factor, in your opinion, in building a winning franchise- properly developing draft picks and prospects

7. who is the greatest MLB team (and year) of all time – 1994 Montreal Expos




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