17 12 2009

American League (eliminating the pretenders round)

4. MONTREAL (82-80) vs 5. Kansas City (97-65)


offense- edge to KC

defense- edge to Mon

starting pitching- edge to KC

bullpen- edge to KC

prediction- KC sweeps and gin breaks record for “F” bombs dropped in one hour

3. NY Danzas (96-66) vs 6. Salem (92-70)


offense-edge to NY

defense-edge to Salem

starting pitching-edge to NY

bullpen-edge to NY

prediction-NY moves on easily maybe losing game 3

National League

4. Dover (79-83) vs 5. Sandiego (93-69)


offense-edge Dover

defense- edge SD

starting pitching-edge SD

bullpen-edge SD

prediction-Sandiego sweeps and Dover’s coach starts off the post series press conference in Denny Green fashion , “We are who we thought we were”.

3. Mexico City (96-66) vs 6. Boise (93-69)


offense-edge Boise

defense- EVEN

Starting Pitching-edge Mex City


prediction-Goes the distance and Mexico City moves on in an “instant classic”




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