NL Least Race

2 12 2009

There’s really only one division race at the moment that looks like it will come down to the wire, the NL east.  Philadelphia and Scranton are playing hot potato with the division lead and this race is up for grabs.  Philly (58-63) has a 1 game lead on Scranton(57-64).  Scranton has a slightly more favorable remaining schedule with only 5 opponents with over .500 records.  The 2 teams will play each other 3 more times.  Neither team will wow you with their offense.  I give Philly the edge here for no apparent reason as both teams hit .267ish and neither have much pop.  The starting pitching edge goes to Philly as well with their starters combining for 37 wins and a team ERA at 4.31 compared to Scranton’s 36 wins and 4.87 ERA.  The bullpen goes to Scranton as Philly’s closer is prone to blow the save.  Unfortunately, one of these teams will make the post season.  Meanwhile, some really good teams will be getting tee times prematurely.




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