The Draft recap (the top 10)

25 11 2009

1. Sam Swindell, Pitcher-Minnesota

Minnesota is excited about this pick.  Swindell is a future all-star with cy young type control and splits.  He also sports 3 pitches.  His weakness is his stamina but coupled with a strong bullpen he should be a 20 game winner for years to come.  (Brandon Webb)

2. Kyle Leary, pitcher-Sioux Falls

Leary is a great pick with high control and high splits.  Critics say he went to high due to his only having one pitch and the fact that he comes to Sioux Falls with big health concerns.  But Leary should prove the critics wrong with a very good career. (Ben Sheets)


3. Randy Pote, pitcher-Memphis

Some are calling this a reach for Memphis because Pote of his average splits.  He does sport three pitches though and he had a really good pro day just before the draft.  He also has very good control of those three pitches as well. (Tom Glavine)


4. Harry Lewis,pitcher-Florida

Very nice pick at #4 for Florida.  Lewis has high control and is awesome vs lefties.  Florida is lucky to get him here. (CC Sabathia)


5. Robin Leonard,first base-Pawtuckett

The first position player taken.  He is a below average defender but his bat will keep him in the lineup.  Monster contact and power numbers to go along with a great eye at the plate will make Leonard the talk of the league one day. (Mark Mcgwire)


6. Matty Duran,pitcher-Tuscon

Duran will pitch a lot of innings but he will also have his share of walks.  His splits are definitely top 10 worthy and when he is on he will be dominant.  His lack of control is a concern. (Cole Hamels)


7. Bill Fornataro,right field-Milwaukee

Fornataro is a beast of a hitter.  He is disciplined at the plate, makes good contact and has much power.  Great value here at #7. (Bobby Abreu)


8. Jaime Green,catcher-Fargo

Green is an unbelievable hitting catcher who has yet to sign a contract.  Fargo has made numerous attempts at negotiations but have yet to land this future star.  Some say Green could have been a top 5 pick.  (Thurmon Munson)


9. Don Russ,pitcher-Vancouver

Russ is not only the descendant of the owner of a trading card company he is also a future fireman of the year.  His control and splits are off the charts.  His only weakness might be if hitters work the count on him, he appears to tire easily. (Eric Gagne)


10. Al Adams,centerfield-Buffalo

Adams can hit for power as well as average.  He has good discipline at the plate.  He should hold it down in CF for Buffalo for many years to come.  Expect Torri Hunter type numers from this star. (Torri Hunter)




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