Hall of Fame nominees

3 11 2009

Here is a list of nominees eligible for the Hall of Fame.  I propose we choose 2 to 3 per year by vote.  I propose you are eligible upon retirement.  If you would like to add to this list of nominees, let me know.  I probably overlooked someone.


1B-Richard Yoshii, Pittsburgh

1411 runs, 2354 hits, 438 hr, 819 rbi, .337 avg,

MVP(2), Allstar(5), silverslugger(5), gold glove(1)


2B-Jose Maduro, Texas

1467 runs, 2093 hits, 186 hr, 819 rbi, 596 sb, .278avg

allstar(2), gold glove(1)


P-Bill Hernandez,Sacremento

140 wins, 2.96 era, 1.12 whip, 1512 k’s,

gold gloves(3), cy young(1), Allstar(5)


P-Seth Campbell, roc

284 saves, 390 k’s, 4.09 era, 1.26 whip

allstar(3), fireman(1)


P-Odalis Torcato, phi

282 saves, 480 k’s, 3.78 era, 1.31 whip



1b-Chip Bergeron,dov

434hr, 1158 rbi, .306 avg, 1773 hits

gold glove(1), allstar(5), MVP(1), silver slugger(3)


cf-Wendall Lampkin, sd

341 hr, 1001rbi, 129 sb

goldglove(2), allstar(3), silverslugger(1)


lf-Will Ramirez, sf

1092 runs, 1705 hits, 515sb, .294avg

silver(2), allstar(2)


cf-Geoffrey Parker,sal

1782hits, 185hr, 509sb

ROY, silver(4), allstar(1)




2 responses

3 11 2009

Yoshii, Torcato and C-Berg.

3 11 2009

Yoshii, Hernandez, and Bergeron.

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