New York 1986 David Bowies Season 8 Offseason Outlook

27 02 2008


Team Report

ML Team Overview

Pitching – NY has had the best pitching staff in the NL for the past 6 seasons based on ERA and total runs allowed. Led by the trio of Doug Perry, Nicky Harper, and Barry Kielty, along with two young but promising pitchers in Randall Flier and Justin Cornelius, the rotation should again be New York’s greatest asset. Doug and Nicky are beginning to get on in years however, will they be able to stay healthy for the entire season? A look at the projected starting rotation

Nicky Harper –Nicky Harper has generally been among the NL’s preeminent CY Young Candidates since he took the award in Season 3. Look for Nicky to fit in this season as either the #2 or #3 starter for the DB86’s
Nicky Harper

Doug Perry – Aquired late in season 5 from Tampa Bay, Doug has seemed reenergized since becoming the ace of the DB staff. Although he is now 34, Doug looks to be able to pitch at an elite level for at least 3 more seasons
Doug Perry

Barry Kielty – Another trade aquisiton, this time from San Fransicso for prospects beginning season 4, Barry promptly won Season 5’s Cy Young award. The past 2 seasons have not been as dominant as he was in season 5, he is still more than capable of shutting any NL lineup down over 8 innings, and at 29, he could win more awards over the next few years
Barry Kielty

Justin Cornelius – Plucked from San Jose as a 19 year old phenom, Justin has developed in the NY farm system into a budding starter ready for primetime. In Season 7, he was #2 in NL ROY voting.
Justin Cornelius

Randall Flier – For years, maybe the brightest pitching prospect in the NY organization, Randall needed Tommy John surgery in Season 7’s spring training, causing him to miss the entire season. His rehab went quickly, and made a few starts towards the end of the season in AAA. He ended the season on a positive note however, pitching 1.2 scoreless innings in the NLCS, albeit in a losing effort.
Randall Flier

Position Players – If pitching has been NY’s strength, then offense has traditionally been almost non-existant at Shea Stadium. Frequently in the bottom 5 in both batting average and runs allowed, the most glaring organizational need has been hitters who are capable of consistently hitting for power in the middle of the lineup. Over 7 seasons, there have been 4 40+ home run seasons, 2 of which were seasons 1-2. A look at the projected opening day lineup.

1B Quinten Mintz – Season 1’s first round draft pick has shown flashes tremendous power, and was among season 6’s MVP candidates. However, he has also proven to be an overly streaky player, following up his MVP caliber campaign by hitting under .220 the following year, and losing his starting job to a late season signing. He begins the year in the lineup again, but if he doesn’t produce, he may find himself sitting before long.
Quentin Mintz

2B Cole Ashley – Cole has shown himself to be a key cog up the middle on defense and at the top of the lineup. Winning a silver slugger in season 6, and a gold glove in season 7.
Cole Ashley

SS Bonk Matheson – Another key defensive piece for New York, his offense has not been spectacular, but may have enough power in his bat to hold off top prospect Jake Bradshaw.
Bonk Matheson

3B Benito Jose – With Russ Westbrook’s departure, Benito will return to the position where he won back to back Gold Gloves in seasons 2 and 3. Benito should hold the position down for the next 2-3 seasons while either Joshua Richardson or Kyle Kidd are groomed as the air to the hot corner.
Benito Jose

C Samuel Phillips – Samuel should bring up the rear in season 8’s lineup, but he calls a strong game, has a live enough arm, and did manage to hit .266 in his rookie season.
Samuel Philips

CF Vin Delgado – Bouncing back from a season ending injury in season 6, Vin had a solid, but unspectacular year in Season 7. Originally seen as one of the most dynamic players in the New York organization, his defense was an issue in season 7, and was not the offensive force he was capable of being. NY is hopeful that he can bounce back and return to his juggernaut self
Vin Delgado

RF Teddy Small – Picked up in a prospect for prospect trade in season 4, Teddy Small will finally get his chance to prove himself in the Majors. He should have the talent to offer significant protection as either the #2 or #5 hitter in the lineup
Teddy Small

LF Raphael Chavez – Drafted the same season as NY aquired Teddy Small, they have both been penciled in as NY’s future corner outfield for the next 12 seasons. Once he’s actually called up, look for Raphael to slot into #3 in the batting order and drastically change the makeup to NY’s lineup
Rafael Chavez




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